Prof. Omar M Ramahi

Omar Ramahi is an Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor at the University of Waterloo. Professor Ramahi’s research interests include radiating systems, renewable energy technology, biomedical applications of electromagnetic waves and fields, electromagnetic compatibility and interference, metamaterials and its engineering applications, and material measurements. In addition to his research, he co-founded Applied Electromagnetic Technology, LLC., and Wave Intelligence Inc. Professor Ramahi has received numerous awards as a result of his extensive research and teaching capabilities. He was recognized for his graduate research work with the 2010 University of Waterloo Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision. Additionally, Professor Ramahi was awarded the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Technical Achievement Award in 2012. Professor Ramahi is an elected IEEE Fellow. Professor Ramahi has written over 450 journal and conference papers on electromagnetic phenomena and computational techniques. EMI/EMC Computational Modeling Handbook is one of the notable books that Professor Ramahi has co-authored.